November 2002

Deloitte & Touche
Hewitt Associates
Riverbend Associates

In June of 2002 the State Superintendent and his Core Team Managers submitted to the Illinois State Board of Education implementation plans for five key projects selected to apply relevant Deloitte and Touche Organizational Effectiveness Review report recommendations. Those projects are:

  1. Prioritization and Performance Measures
    1. Performance measures
    2. Prioritized list of agency activities through risk analysis
    3. Workforce analysis to assign staff with documented FTE allocations
    4. List of activities to be shelved, transferred or jettisoned
    5. Align business plans with IBSE vision, mission and goals with performance measures
  2. Grants
    1. E-grant system
  3. Sourcing and Procurement
    1. Vehicle Fleet
    2. Printing
    3. Travel & expense systems
  4. ISBE / ROE collaboration
  5. Data Management
    1. Data warehouse

In June of 2002 the State Superintendent and his Core Team Managers submitted to the Illinois State Board of Education five key goals to address the opportunities for improvement and provide direction to the improvement of HR and related people processes as a strategy for implementing key recommendations contained in the Rapid Discovery Report developed and presented by Hewitt Associates. Those goals are:

  1. Expand and revise the ISBE staffing model to be based on core competencies reflective of job requirements (staffing)
  2. Develop a plan and process for organizing the HR center and communicating to employees (organizing)
  3. Develop a comprehensive career development system that aligns and leverages internal and external customer needs to resources (learning)
  4. Establish a performance based system that aligns
    1. agency vision, mission and goals
    2. center, department and division business functions and performance outcomes
    3. individual job descriptions, outcomes / expectations and identified competencies (performing)
  5. Develop an employee reward and recognition system (rewarding)

The Illinois State Board of Education contracted the assistance of Riverbend Associates to analyze and review the agency’s current key HR processes of staff development and review (appraisals) and to make recommendations to make these processes more efficient and effective. The anticipated result is to improve the overall effectiveness of all agency management, professional and staff support personnel, as well as more efficient and appropriate HR support processes. The deliverables of the project were:

  1. Refine the “Position Profile” to meet the current needs of the agency
  2. Develop “Position Profiles” for seven director-level positions and seven manager-level positions
  3. Build an internal capacity for developing these profiles throughout the agency to include professional and support staff positions
  4. Develop and implement a new performance appraisal process, starting with managers, and continuing throughout the agency over time
  5. Develop a workshop on coaching skills for managers, as part of ISBE’s on-going staff development curriculum

Riverbend Associates initiated the following Performance Development Cycle;

  • Performance Planning
    • Performance Goals – strategic / operational
      • ISBE Vision / Mission / Goals – strategic priorities
      • Business Plans – operational priorities
      • Position Profiles – “job descriptions”
    • Development Goals
      • Core competencies
      • Specific capabilities related to position profile
  • Ongoing coaching
      • Coaching training for managers
      • Staff development program based on needs – “gap analysis”
  • Performance Review
    • Quarterly progress reports
  • Performance Results
    • Employee reward and recognition system based on progress

PROGRESS REPORT – Deloitte & Touche

  1. Prioritization and Performance Measures
    1. Center Business Plans - complete
    2. Prioritization of activities – complete
      1. Activities to be shelved, transferred, jettisoned
    3. Workforce Analysis / alignment of personnel - complete
      1. Positions to be replaced, reallocated or unfilled
      2. Succession Planning
  2. Grants
    1. E-grant system – development underway -Spring 2003 pilot
  3. Sourcing and Procurement
    1. Vehicle Fleet – analysis complete; undergoing independent external review
    2. Printing - analysis complete; undergoing independent external review
    3. Travel & expense systems – modifications complete – monitoring
  4. ISBE / ROE collaboration
    1. Standards Aligned Classroom – in progress
    2. Community Support Services – in progress
    3. System of Support – in progress
  5. Data Management
    1. RFSP’s due for release by December 31, 2002
      1. Data Warehouse – feasibility study
      2. Student Information System – build and implement

PROGRESS REPORT – Hewitt Associates

  1. Assess Vision & Strategic Direction - complete
  2. Define Competencies & Behaviors – complete (staffing & organizing)
  3. Initiate Performance Planning – in progress – December 2002 (performing)
  4. Provide Learning & Development Experiences – Jan. – July 2003
  5. Provide Ongoing Coaching – December 2002 (learning)
  6. Conduct Performance Review – June 2003
  7. Evaluate Success – July 2003 (performing & rewarding)

PROGRESS REPORTS – 2003 will be

  • Stated in terms of performance measures
  • Presented in a consistent, concise format
  • Constructed annually (July 2003 to June 2004)
  • Updated quarterly
  • Organized by center and division

Our beginning report will cover January 2003 to June 2003, with a quarterly update in March 2003.