Standards Implementation System

Summersville School District #79
A Journey in Learning

Community Members Welcome!

Photo of Summersville School District #79Jill Crosby, Superintendent of Summersville Grade School District #79 has developed highly visible programs that involve working with the community to support efforts in student learning and in teaching.

Community Involvement Activities

Summersville School is highly involved with the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce. One partnership activity is "Trade Talk". The "Trade Talk" books list speakers in the community who share career options with students. Members of the Chamber also provide judges and contribute toward savings bonds for students in support of the annual Science Fair.

Jill Crosby also serves as president of the Mt. Vernon Rotary Club. Through this relationship, the Rotary members work with Summersville school to support fund raisers, save UPC labels, and attend school events.

Community Members Are Welcome!

Summersville School welcomes community members. Area residents often eat lunch with students and use the school gym for their morning exercise. The school wants to be a resource to the community and is used for many community activities such as the Community Crime Watch, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, city meetings, and use of the gym for public servant basketball leagues.

The school encourages the community to volunteer with coaching students in various learning areas along with mentoring, supervising recess and lunch, and monitoring students coming to and going home from school.

High Scores!

Community involvement does make a difference. Summersville' students achieve high scores on the ISAT due to parent,teacher and community involvement and by following curriculum guides which incorporate the Illinois Learning Standards.

To learn more about Summersville School visit their Website.