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Title I District Plan and Resources

Submission of a Title I District Plan is required by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Section 1112, et.seq

All districts requesting Title I federal funding must have an approved Title I District Plan on file. Those prior to July 1, 2013 are archived in Illinois e-Plans at New or revised plans will be on Rising Star.  See below for further details.

Title I funds may not be released until the Title I District Plan is on file and verified as being complete by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Title I Plan Guide PDF File

  (Updated 7/10)

The Title I District Plan Guide includes instructions for completing the Title I District Plan template at the Illinois Interactive Report Card site. The template and this accompanying guide are to be used together to ensure that users include all requirements of state and federal law, Section 1112 of the NCLB, in the Title I local educational plans. Section I – Program Description must clearly describe the program components and align with district policies. Section II – Board Approval and Certification and Assurances provides for confirmation by the school superintendent that the district has policies and procedures in place that address the referenced sections of federal and state law.


Illinois Interactive Report Card

ISBE requires that all plans be submitted via "e-Plans" on the Illinois Interactive Report Card site. This process streamlines and provides an interactive site where teams can work on plans at any time and store them on a secure server.

On the District Profile page, click on the link titled "Access Plans" located on the information banner, then click on "Title I District Plan" to access the Title I e-Plan templates. The passwords are protected and are available to authorized personnel by contacting Gail Buoy, Federal Innovation & Improvement, by email at or send an email to Note: E-Plan passwords are not the same as the passwords for IIRC Student Data Services.


These bulletins contain guidance and technical assistance for districts to meet the requirements of NCLB. They address issues of concern for superintendents, Title I directors and other educators and professionals working with schools in Illinois. The bulletins will be updated as needed and should be referenced when questions of compliance under NCLB are raised.

Professional Development Activities – Statewide Listing
Links to professional development offered by the Regional Offices of Education, Intermediate Service Centers, ISBE, IASA, IPA, IASBO, and Illinois ASCD.

Center on Innovation and Improvement
National center provides access to research-based resources on district and school improvement processes.

What Works Clearinghouse
U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Services featuring educational resources demonstrating what works in education.

National High School Center
National center serves as the central source of information and expertise on high school improvement for the Regional Comprehensive Centers (RCCs).

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