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Applicable for both Budgets and Annual Financial Reports

Based on your Internet browser interface, you may experience some difficulties in the way the forms are accessed. In general, when you click on one of the links below, you will be asked whether you want to "open" or "save" the form.

If you reply that you want to "open" the form, it will either open directly in your Web browser or it will open the appropriate application (such as Excel or Word).

If you reply that you want to "save" the form, you will be asked to supply the disk location that you want to use to save the form.

If you use Office 2000, you may be asked to supply a user name and password.  If so, click "cancel", which may allow you to continue. Another option is to right click on the link AFR here or Budget here and choose "Save Target As" and save the document on your computer. You can left click these items, but you must save them to your machine before you enter information, or your information will not be able to be saved. If this does not work for your system, try our FTP download site. Your system may also prevent the FTP download. If so, please call us (217.785.8779) or send an email,, and we will send you the budget or AFR as an email attachment.