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Supplemental Educational Services - PARS / STARS

bullet PARS System

All providers are required to:

These three submissions are made in PARS within the Annual Reporting section.  Please visit the Annual Reporting page for a detailed description of those sections in 23 Illinois Administrative Code 675 that discuss these three reports and a link to the Code itself.

PARS is also the system that receives new applications from entities wishing to be approved to offer SES in Illinois, and it holds the approved applications as the system in which application updating occurs.

There is public read-only access to PARS by logging into PARS using "guest" as both the username and the password.  Note that "guest" is all lower case letters.

bullet PARS Instructions

Users should view Using the Provider Annual Reporting System (PARS) Presentation first as a kind of “instruction manual” for PARS.  Please note the first two slides about the necessary version of Internet Explorer. 
Having read the instructions via this presentation, users can then proceed to the program itself:
bullet STARS System

All approved providers are required to use the STARS system for tracking student enrollment and attendance in SES classes and thereby to invoice districts.  

The billable amount as shown in STARS is the legal billable amount for providers to present to districts.  The simplest way to do so is for providers to use one of the two different billing reports that STARS can produce.  Providers are responsible to ensure that the information in STARS is accurate and timely.

Users of STARS are urged to consult the STARS Instruction/User Manual PDF Document (Updated 8/8/07) and the STARS Data Entry Protocol PDF Document.

Having read the instructions and/or attended a STARS training session, users can then proceed to the program itself: