Center for Performance

Data Analysis

Division Contacts

(Updated June, 2016)
Telephone (217) 782-3950
Fax (217) 524-7784

Vacant – Division Administrator

Contacts and Program Assignments

Jenna Chapman
Bilingual Education Programs
Early Childhood 0-3 Prevention Initiative Program
End of Year Report
English Language Learners
Preschool for All Program
Teacher Reduction in Force Survey

Shuwan Chiu
Annual Yearly Progress
E-Report Card Data Collection
Graduation Rate
High School Graduates Postsecondary Enrollment
IL Report Card
School Choice Survey
School Incident Reporting System
Title I Survey

Keith Goeckner
Employment Information System

Mark Hobneck
Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefits Report
Employment Information System
Noncertified Staff Salary Study
Teacher Salary Study
Teacher Service Record

Kara Mernaugh
Employment Information System

Maithili Panat
Regional Safe Schools Program (RSSP)
Truants Alternative and Optional Education Program (TAOEP)

Marjurie Ribeiro
Annual Statistical Report
Student Health Data – Immunization, Vision, and Dental
Unfilled Positions Survey

Brenda Umek
Employment Information System
Nonpublic School Registration, Enrollment, and Staff Report

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