Data Analysis and Accountability

Illinois Public Schools with Before- and After-School Programs


As required by Section 2-3.11b of the School Code, the Illinois State Board of Education collects data from public school districts regarding the general nature and operation of before- and after-school programs. Before- and after-school (latchkey) programs are designed to provide supervision of children before and/or after regular school hours. The data included in this report were collected for only those programs operated for public school districts.

In 2001-2002, there were 392 public school districts operating approximately 540 before- and after-school programs (an increase of approximately 4 percent from 2000-2001). Of these programs, 202 were operated by school districts and 250 were operated by another agency in space provided by or leased from the public school district. The 88 remaining programs were contracted out by the school district. Of the 250 programs operated by agencies other than public school districts, 36 percent were operated by the YMCA/YWCA, 30 percent by local park districts, and 34 percent by other groups, consisting mainly on nonprofit programs and day care centers. Other findings include:

Prepared by the Data Analysis and Progress Reporting Division, Illinois State Board of Education, November 2002.

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