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Standards Table of Contents

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I.A Standards for All Illinois Teachers
  24.100 Illinois Professional Teaching Standards
  24.110 Language Arts Standards for All Illinois Teachers
  24.120 Technology Standards for All Illinois Teachers
I.B Standards for Certification in Specific Teaching Fields
  26.110 Standards for Certification in Early Childhood Education
  26.310 Standards for Certification in Elementary Education
  Secondary and Special Certificates
  27.400 Agricultural Education
  27.410 Business, Marketing, and Computer Education
  27.300 Dance
  27.310 Drama/Theatre Arts
  27.100 English Language Arts
  27.420 English as a New Language (ENL)
  27.430 Family and Consumer Sciences
  27.340 Foreign Language
  27.440 Health Careers
  27.280 Health Education
  27.450 Library Information Specialist
  27.130 Mathematics
  27.320 Music
  27.270 Physical Education
  27.120 Reading Specialist
  27.110 Reading
  27.140 Science – A Common Core of Standards
  27.150 Biology
  27.160 Chemistry
  27.170 Earth and Space Science
  27.180 Environmental Science
  27.180 Physics
  27.200 Social Science – A Common Core of Standards
  27.210   Economics
  27.220   Geography
  27.230   History
  27.240   Political Science
  27.250   Psychology
  27.260   Sociology and Anthropology
  27.460 Technology Education
  27.470 Technology Specialist
  27.330 Visual Arts
  27.480 Work–Based Learning Teacher/Coordinator
I.C Standards for Certification in Special Education
  28.100 A Common Core of Standards for All Special Educators
  28.200 Standards for the Learning Behavior Specialist I (LBS I)
  28.210 Standards for the Teacher of Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired
  28.220 Standards for the Teacher of Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  28.230 Standards for the Speech Language Pathologist
  28.240 Standards for the Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
  28.300 Standards for the Learning Behavior Specialist II (LBS II)
  28.310 Standards for the LBS II/Transition Specialist
  28.320 Standards for the LBS II/Technology Specialist
  28.330 Standards for the LBS II/Bilingual Special Education Specialist
  28.340 Standards for the LBS II/Deaf-Blind Specialist
  28.350 Standards for the LBS II/Behavior Intervention Specialist
  28.360 Standards for the LBS II/Curriculum Adaptation Specialist
  28.370 Standards for the LBS II/Multiple Disabilities Specialist
II. Standards for the School Service Personnel Certificate
  23.110 Standards for the School Counselor
  23.120 Standards for the School Nurse
  23.130 Standards for the School Psychologist
  23.140 Standards for the School Social Worker
III. Standards for Administrative Certification
  29.100 Illinois Professional School Leader Standards
  29.110 Chief School Business Official
  29.120 Principals
  29.130 Superintendent