Nutrition and Wellness Programs

Monitoring Requirements

bullet Coordinated Review Effort (CRE)

The Illinois State Board of Education must conduct administrative reviews as prescribed by the USDA. The administrative review is a comprehensive on-site evaluation of all local education agencies participating in the National School Lunch Program. Administrative reviews of all local education agencies are conducted, at a minimum, once every five years.

The review process will include the evaluation of the critical areas with two performance standards which serve as a measure of compliance with program regulations and the general areas of the review. During the review process, if there are problems in the critical areas, an over-claim may be assessed dependent on the severity of the problem.

The critical areas include:

Performance Standard 1

All free, reduced-price and paid lunches claimed for reimbursement are served only to children eligible for free, reduced-price, and paid lunches, respectively; and counted, recorded, consolidated, and reported through a system which consistently yields correct claims.

The state agency must determine that the free and reduced-price eligibility determinations are correct. In addition, the state agency must determine that for each day of operation for the review period, the number of free, reduced-price, and paid lunches served to children eligible for free, reduced-price and paid lunches respectively, in those schools for the review period. The state agency must determine that the lunch counting system accurately counts, records, consolidates, and reports the reimbursable meals by type.

Performance Standard 2

Lunches claimed for reimbursement within the local education agency contain food items/components as required by the performance standard.

bullet General Areas

In addition to critical areas, there are general areas of program compliance that will be reviewed. There is no financial assessment for a problem in a general area. The general areas include:

Follow-up reviews may be conducted if there is a critical area violation in excess of the review threshold.

A written report will be mailed to the local education agency detailing the review findings, corrective actions needed, and deadlines for the corrective actions, and any financial assessment. The local education agency must then respond to the review findings with how and when the corrective actions were implemented. Corrective actions must be applied to all schools in the local education agency.