For Immediate Release
July 12, 2007

ISBE announces Partnerships Grant Awards for Mathematics and Science

SPRINGFIELD –The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) announced today the choice of fifteen new projects in the Illinois Mathematics and Science Partnerships (IMSP) program. The program is designed to increase the classroom achievement of students in math and science by enhancing content knowledge and the professional skills of their teachers.

“The IMSP program opens doors for partnerships that will allow participants to share their expertise, resources and facilities with high-need local school districts and regions,” said State School Superintendent Christopher Koch. “Our goal is to boost student achievement by improving instructors’ abilities in mathematics and science.”

The programs will be organized by endorsements (mathematics, life, environmental, chemical, physical, and earth/space sciences) and specializations for elementary mathematics and science. Two programs for Industrial Technologies will also be designed to incorporate a stronger emphasis on engineering. All of the programs include the creation of a Masters of Arts degree program which will concentrate on the issues of highly qualified teachers.

The grants are federally funded through Title II, Part B of the No Child Left Behind Act. Illinois’ 2007 appropriation is approximately $6,400,000. This unique partnership offers specialized opportunities that will serve approximately 750 teachers in our highest-needs districts. The competitive grants award public and private institutions of higher education special opportunities to build meaningful partnerships with districts. The partnerships will work to enhance the quality of instruction and instructional leadership in mathematics and science teaching and learning, in their K-12 classrooms, as well as the settings for teachers-to-be.

The fifteen new 2007 IMSP partnerships are completing final negotiations for participation in the program, set to begin immediately. The following listing is organized alphabetically by lead partners and includes the focal endorsement programs:

For more information contact ISBE’s Division of Curriculum and Instruction at 217-557-7323.