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September 7, 2006

New ‘Educator Certification System’ up and running
System allows Illinois’ educators easier access to important data

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois State Board of Education is launching the new Educator Certification System (ECS) which will make teacher certification information readily available to districts and streamline the registration and renewal process for teachers across the state.

ISBE’s Online Teacher Information System (OTIS) and Certificate Renewal Tracking system (CeRTS) have been merged to form the new Educator Certification System.

The ECS web site is comprised of two portals, or doorways, to certification data. In addition to the educator portal, district administrators can view educators’ certification data which is considered to be public information. Future plans will allow for public access to teacher credentials.

“This system will provide a giant leap forward in terms of giving school districts access to information,” said State School Superintendent Randy Dunn. “In addition, the system will be much easier for busy teachers to access and use. I applaud the work that has been put into the development and launch of the new Educator Certification System.”

In the first 48 hours of operation this week, the system recorded roughly 500,000 “hits.”

The new web-based system now allows for easier access for educators to their certification data, apply for certificates and endorsements, record professional development, renew and register their certificates, and apply for No Child Left Behind (NCLB) highly qualified status. The site also accepts credit cards as a payment option for application services.

The user-friendly system includes instruction manuals and a “help desk” link.

This system stems from priorities set forth by Governor Rod Blagojevich. Those priorities have been aimed at reforming education in Illinois. Under Governor Blagojevich there has been a clear focus on streamlining the agency’s operations, including eliminating a massive teacher certification backlog and hundreds of pages of unnecessary rules and regulations that have hampered school operations.

ECS facts at a glance:

  • ECS contains 807,264 educator records
  • 728,009 issued certificates
  • 192,130 private educator accounts, which were created from existing OTIS and CeRTS systems
  • 161,505 public school educators records
  • Over $2 million has been collected in credit card application and registration fees in the online systems
  • OTIS was previously receiving up to 3 million hits per month; it is anticipated that this will increase with ECS

A link to ECS can be found on the Illinois State Board of Education’s web site at

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