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For Immediate Release
May 30, 2006

Website offers career path information for teachers
Prospective teachers, current teachers can benefit from information on

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois State Board of Education has unveiled a new website aimed at helping those who want to pursue careers as teachers or teachers’ aides.

Information on the website has been assembled for two groups of people: current school personnel and those who want to pursue certification as an administrator, teacher or paraprofessional. The site is organized so that high school and college students who are looking for information about teaching in today's classrooms, out-of-state applicants who want to teach in Illinois, and current teachers wanting to add endorsements can get to the information they need with only a few mouse clicks. The site features authoritative links to the State Board of Education website that will direct users to exactly the information needed. The State Board website ( is updated as needed to remain accurate, including the Directory of State-Approved Programs.

For those who are not yet teachers, most of the information that might be sought is concentrated under "Preparing to Become an Educator," "Resources," and "Today's Classroom." That last link lets the prospective teacher listen to and watch students and teachers describing classroom settings and teaching in their own words.

Out-of-state teachers and new graduates will find useful information under "Being Certified in Illinois," "Required Testing," "Resources" (which includes a glossary), and "Employment Opportunities." Information for paraprofessionals is included under "Being Certified in Illinois." Illinois certified teachers and administrators will find useful links under "Continuing as an Educator," "Required Testing," "Resources," and "Employment Opportunities."

“We are confident that this website will be a useful tool for those who may be considering a career in teaching and for those educators who want to continue to advance in the profession,” said State School Superintendent Randy Dunn, who began his professional education career as a classroom teacher in Gibson City, Ill.

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