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For Immediate Release
May 3, 2006

State Student Advisory Council seeks members

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. --The Illinois State Board of Education is currently seeking applications for the Student Advisory Council (SAC) to the Illinois State Board of Education for the 2006-07 school year.

The SAC is made up of students representing all regions of the state. Members are invited to attend Board meetings, sessions of the General Assembly, and applicable education-related conferences. They may review and critique ISBE’s existing or proposed programs, policies, and regulations, sponsor cooperatively with the ISBE conferences, seminars, etc., pertaining to student-related, education issues, inform Illinois students of SAC activities and provide testimony at legislative or board hearings.

Eligibility to apply for the 2006-2007 SAC is limited to public school students. Given the need to hear from students on some of the more complicated issues faced by our state, special consideration will be given to applicants from low-performing schools or districts. An application form, due June 7, 2006 is now available at:

Activities of the Student Advisory Council in 2006-2007 are contingent upon final State budget allocations.

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