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For Immediate Release
November 8, 2005

ISBE, NIU announce launch of Illinois e-Plans

New toolkit available through Interactive Illinois Report Card website

Springfield, Ill. – The Illinois State Board of Education and Northern Illinois University have announced the launch of Illinois e-Plans, set for November 9, 2005. Illinois e-Plans is a toolkit available through the Interactive Illinois Report Card website for schools and districts that significantly streamlines the process of submitting required plans to local boards and ISBE. The Illinois e-Plans toolkit includes a School Improvement Plan Template and an accompanying Guide and Peer Review Tool to assist districts and schools in revising and submitting school improvement and restructuring plans. A District Improvement Plan Template and accompanying Guide will follow in the next couple of weeks.

The Illinois e-Plans School Improvement Template may be used by Illinois schools in school improvement status and academic watch status to incorporate the contents of a revised school plan as required by Public Law 107-110, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, 20 USC 6301 et seq., (here referred to as “NCLB”) and Section 2-3.25d of the School Code, 105 ILCS 5/2-3.25d. The template may also be used for schools that must submit a restructuring plan.

The use of the template is not required. Schools and districts may continue to use a format that complies with the statutes cited above. To that end, schools and districts using other formats should attach Section I and Section II of the template to plans they submit to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

The template includes:

    1. Board Approval and Assurances
    2. Plan Development, Review, and Implementation
    3. Data and Analysis
    4. Action Plan
    5. Restructuring Plan (if applicable)

The template and this accompanying guide are to be used together to ensure that users include all requirements of state and federal law for revised school improvement plans and restructuring plans.

Illinois e-Plans is user friendly and a welcome addition to Illinois’ system of support to schools and districts. Districts and schools will have multiple years (including 2005) of School Report Card data and information at their fingertips automatically populating the screens at the IIRC website.

District superintendents will need a password to use Illinois e-Plans available by calling Gail Buoy, Federal Grants and Programs, 217/524-4832. NIU will also email passwords within the next week to district superintendents.

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