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For Immediate Release
April 29, 2005

State Board of Education and Illinois PTA to unveil mock-up of parent-friendly Illinois School Profile

New profile focuses on key information from School Report Cards

Springfield, Ill. – The Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Parent Teacher Association (PTA) will unveil the draft design of the new parent-friendly “Illinois School Profile: A Brief Guide for Parents” at a meeting of the Illinois PTA on Saturday, April 30, 2005 at 3:30 p.m. at the Lisle Hilton, 3003 Corporate Drive, Lisle, Illinois. The meeting is a part of the Illinois PTA Convention being held April 29 through May 1, 2005.

“We are grateful for the Illinois PTA’s commitment to this important project,” said Randy Dunn, Interim Superintendent, State Board of Education. “Their work to help us get feedback from parents has given us great insights into how we can make this information more understandable and accessible to parents. We look forward to continuing to work with the Illinois PTA on initiatives to open the lines of communication between parents and their children’s schools.”

The State Board and the Illinois PTA used input from parents and educators through the state to design the new profile. The primary goal of this initiative is to offer parents a concise, understandable overview of the information and data from the NCLB mandated School Report Card. While each school and district in Illinois will continue to publish its School Report Card as required by NCLB, the Illinois School Profile will present key points of the School Report Card in a concise, understandable format for parents and community members. The School Profile will also allow schools to provide customized information about their school and their parent and family involvement programs.

Key information included in the customized Illinois School Profile for each Illinois school will include:

  • Number of Students
  • Attendance Rate
  • Average Class Size
  • Composite Student Test Scores
  • Composite Teacher Information, including education level and average salary
  • School District Finances
  • Adequate Yearly Progress
  • School News
  • Parent and Family Involvement

To honor the work of the Illinois PTA, Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich has declared April 29 through May 6 PTA Week in Illinois, noting the organization’s efforts to represent the interests of students while encouraging parental involvement in public schools. The Illinois PTA has worked to bridge the gap between parents and teachers and represented the interests of students with the goal of positively impacting their educational development.

The Illinois PTA was founded in 1900 in Evanston, Illinois. With a current membership of 200,000, they continue to be a strong voice for the advocacy of children and youth, working with the Illinois State Board of Education, along with cooperating agencies in the fields of health, safety, environmental concerns, juvenile protection, cultural arts, and community outreach, and other governmental bodies, in the continuing mission of ensuring a better future for our children.

Event Information
(Members of the media invited to attend)


Randy Dunn, State Superintendent of Education, Illinois State Board of
Gayla Boomer, President, Illinois PTA
(Theresa Christenson, Conference Media Coordinator)

WHAT: Unveiling of Draft Design of Illinois School Profile: A Brief Guide for Parents
WHEN: Saturday, April 30, 2005 - 3:30 p.m.

Naperville/Lisle Hilton – 3003 Corporate West Drive – Lisle, Illinois

 View Draft Mock-up of new Illinois School Profile PDF File

Illinois State Board of Education
100 North First Street
Springfield, IL 62777