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For Immediate Release
May 12, 2004

98 Schools to Receive Academic Recognition
38 Central Illinois schools among those showing improvement

Springfield, Ill. – More than three dozen central Illinois public schools will be recognized next week for making academic improvement. The 38 schools are among a total of 98 statewide whose data shows improvement in their student scores over three years of test assessments.

“More often than not people talk about our schools failing, and time and time again I have said that they are not,” State Superintendent Robert Schiller said. “As demands to meet the requirements of No Child Left Behind Act increase, it is gratifying for us to recognize those schools that are not only meeting requirements, but are definitely showing trends in improvement.”

Partnering with Northern Illinois University, a data search identified schools where students have made consistent academic improvement while meeting Adequate Yearly Progress. Recognizing these schools is part of the No Child Left Behind requirements. The State Board of Education approved the recognition criteria during its monthly meeting in April.

To receive an Academic Improvement Award, schools must:

  • Have made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in 2003, and
  • Their state test results show an upward trend, and
  • The school showed at least 7.5% improvement in scores between 2002 and 2003, OR
  • There was at least 15% improvement in scores between 2001 and 2003.

The 7.5% improvement increments were selected to match the projected increase in annual academic performance targets under No Child Left Behind beginning in 2005.

The program is an extension of the Spotlight Schools honored last fall. Spotlight Schools are public schools that achieved high academic performance in an environment where a majority of students’ come from low-income families.

A recognition event is set for May 19 at Horace Mann Companies in Springfield starting at 5 p.m. The remaining schools will be recognized at events in Chicago and Mt. Vernon in June.

The 38 central Illinois schools invited to the event are:

School District City
Atlanta Elementary Olympia District 16 Stanford
Avon Grade School
Avon CU School District 176 Avon
Bement Middle School
Bement CU School District 5
Schneider Elementary School
Blue Ridge CU School District 18
Farmer City
Westview Elementary School
Canton Union School District 66
Catlin Elementary School
Catlin CU School District 5
Cerro Gordo High School
Cerro Gordo CU School District 100
Cerro Gordo
Cerro Gordo Middle School
Cerro Gordo CU School District 100
Cerro Gordo
Barkstall Elementary School
Champaign CU School District 4
Stratton Elementary School
Champaign CU School District 4
Unity Middle School
Community Unit School District 4
Delavan Junior High School
Delavan CU District 703
Divernon High School
Divernon CU School District 13
Edinburg Junior High School
Edinburg CU School District 4
Fieldcrest Elementary School West
Fieldcrest CU School District 6
Lincoln Elementary School
Galesburg CU School District 205
Griggsville-Perry Primary School
Griggsville-Perry CU School District 4
Hoopeston Area Middle School
Hoopeston Area CU School District 11 Hoopeston
Illiopolis Elementary School
Illiopolis CU School District 12
Murrayville-Woodson Elementary
Jacksonville School District 117 Murrayville
Washington Elementary School
Jacksonville School District 117
Lacon Elementary School
Midland Community Unit District 7
Harding Primary School
Monmouth Unit School District 38 Monmouth
Mt. Zion Elementary School
Mt. Zion CU School District 3
Mount Zion
North Elementary School
Nokomis CU School District 22
Lake Crest Elementary School
Oakland CU School District 5
Atlanta Elementary School
Olympia CU School District 16
Wenz Elementary School
Paris-Union School District 95
Tyng Primary School Peoria School District 150
Glen Oak Primary School
Peoria School District 150
Berrian School
Quincy School District 172
Dewey Elementary School
Quincy School District 172
Washington Elementary School
Quincy School District 172 Quincy
Oneida Elementary School
ROWVA CU School District 208
Southern Elementary School
Southern CU School District 120
Ridgely Elementary School
Springfield School District 186
Williamsfield Elementary School
Williamsfield CU School District 210
Sherman Elementary School
Williamsville CU School District 15

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