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For Immediate Release
June 16, 2004

State Board of Education adds Supplemental Educational Service Providers

Springfield, Ill. – Recognizing the need for more approved tutoring services for school districts who are not meeting state standards, the Illinois State Board Wednesday approved 21 additional providers. The addition of providers brings the total to 52 approved providers.

The additional Supplemental Service Providers were presented to the board Wednesday, months after ISBE reached out to providers throughout the Midwest and invited them to apply for approval in Illinois. The board also approved a technique and standards for monitoring the SES providers.

“We recognized the need to bring more SES providers on board and we are certainly proud of the response,” State Superintendent Robert Schiller said. “We are committed to working on behalf of districts to bring on additional providers, so that all areas of the state are properly served.”

Supplemental Educational Services are used to increase the academic achievement of eligible children in reading and mathematics through tutoring and other high-quality academic enrichment services that are provided in addition to school day instruction.

Schools receiving federal Title I funds are required to provide supplemental educational services for students if they fail to make adequate yearly progress on state standards-based assessments for three consecutive years. In such schools, parents are allowed to select providers from the list of approved SES providers, and districts then contract with the approved providers for services to eligible students. Districts may use a portion of their current federal Title I funding to pay for the services.

To be placed on the approved list, educational service providers must, at a minimum, demonstrate that their programs are effective, research based, aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards, and staffed by qualified employees.

The updated approved SES list may be reviewed at

Illinois State Board of Education
100 North First Street
Springfield, IL 62777