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March 12, 2003

Governor Blagojevich's Message Places
Priority on Important Education Initiatives: Schiller

The State of the State message of Governor Rod R. Blagojevich established education as a high priority for his administration and highlighted several programs to address critical needs of the state’s schools, according to State Superintendent of Education Robert E. Schiller.

“Quality preschool programs have clearly proven to provide excellent returns on our investment by saving future costs associated with remediation and costs for social programs,” Schiller said. “The Governor’s plan to reach every at-risk three-and four-year-old child with preschool programs within three years should yield sharp improvements in the achievement and the success of these youngsters as they move through their schooling and into the workforce of tomorrow.”

“Nothing is more important to a child’s academic success than having a high-quality teacher. We must continue to attract high-quality educators into our classrooms, and the strategies outlined by Governor Blagojevich should help to prevent expected shortages and assure that every Illinois child is taught by a well-trained teacher.

“Parental involvement is a key component of an effective school system. The Governor’s emphasis on this critical need provides a welcome boost to efforts to strengthen this important support system for students. Parents are a child’s first teacher, and they are key partners throughout the educational process.

Governor Blagojevich’s message recognizes the importance of education in strengthening the future of every citizen of the state. He has established a course for improved student achievement, support critically needed to reinforce the daily efforts of schools throughout the state.

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