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August 12, 2003

Officials Announce Plan for “Full Service Community Schools” Initiative in Illinois

(Sullivan, IL) - After over a year of research, planning and collaboration a “design team” of approximately 40 state and regional educators and service providers have completed a “Full Service Community Schools” plan for the state of Illinois. The team consists of representatives from such professions as education, health, mental health, criminal justice, recreation and business.

Serving as Chairperson of the joint Illinois State Board of Education and Regional Offices of Education initiative, Dan Anderson – Regional Superintendent of Schools for the ‘Southern most 5 counties’, says the team has developed a specific plan for assisting school districts to organize local partnerships which will help in the operation of full service schools. “I think the concept of using schools as a hub for delivering a full continuum of services to children and adults is one that not only makes good common sense, but has also been proven to be effective and efficient” Anderson said. “I believe this project can greatly assist schools and communities in addressing the goals set forth in the federal “No Child Left Behind Act’ signed into law last year” Anderson added.

Anderson says that program services should begin by the end of October, pending completion of training for regional teams who will be providing training and technical assistance to interested schools. The three member teams will consist of an educator, service provider and an ‘at large’ community representative.

Debbie Bretag, Executive Director of the Illinois Center for Violence Prevention and the Chairperson for The Illinois After-School Partnership is fully supportive of the Full Service Community Schools initiative. “The Partnership values its work with the FSCS, as it serves as a strong example of effective collaboration and gives young people the best chance to succeed academically and to develop to their fullest potential” Bretag said.

Lynne Haeffele-Curry, Director of Planning and Performance with the Illinois State Board of Education, has been working closely with the ‘design team’ on the project. “Leaving no child behind academically cannot be a reality unless communities, families and schools work together. It has been proven that the Full Service Community Schools approach can greatly enhance the prospect of providing for all of our students needs” Haeffele-Curry said.

The announcement of the Plan will take place at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 13 at Sullivan High School, located at 725 North Main Street in Sullivan, Illinois. Sullivan High School has been a pioneer in addressing the Full Service Community Schools concept for the past 10 years.


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