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April 29, 2003

Analysis of Governor's Budget by District

We have completed a district-by-district projection of General State Aid and selected categorical programs under the Governor’s proposed budget for FY04.

The analysis document can be downloaded through the link at the bottom of this page.

The first page of the document summarizes the impacts by four geographic regions of the state: Chicago, other Cook, Collar Counties and Downstate. The projections include the following mandated categorical programs: free lunch, orphanage, special ed and transportation.

The projections also include the following other categorical programs: gifted, bilingual, early childhood, charter schools, ADA block grant, TAOEP, substance abuse, career awareness, tax equivalent, and ROE/ISC services (but not ROE salaries).

The projections do not include the following categorical programs paid primarily to school districts: textbooks, technology, and district consolidation. The projections also do not include a number of categorical programs paid primarily to entities other than school districts.

In summary, this analysis shows that in the programs that were included and analyzed, 680 of the state’s 893 school districts come out with more money than they received in the current fiscal year.

  Win Lose


Other Cook 114 29
Collar Counties 108 36
Downstate 457 148
Total 680 213

Because FY03 is not yet complete, the FY03 categorical programs are estimated and then district shares for each categorical program are projected from these estimates for FY04. These data are meant as a general guide and are less accurate at the district level. A school district will be able to make a more accurate and complete projection of its own circumstances.


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