Illinois Superintendent of Education

Prior to assuming the post as Superintendent of Education for the State of Illinois, Robert Schiller’s career as an educator spanned 33 years in state, district, school and classroom settings.

Schiller’s previous state experience includes service as the Superintendent of Public Instruction and Chairman of the Board of Elementary, Secondary, Community College, Higher Education, Disability and Rehabilitation Services, and a Higher Education Assistant Authority for the State of Michigan, as well as Deputy State Superintendent in Delaware and Louisiana.

His experience as a local superintendent has been in large, medium and small districts, urban, suburban and rural, with enrollments between 5,000 and 129,000 students. At the request of the Maryland Governor and State Board of Education, Schiller served as CEO/CFO of the Baltimore City Schools in 1996-1997 as part of the Historic State-City Partnership. His restructuring of the district has led to significant improvement through the five-year state-approved master plan he developed for 1997-2002.

From 1999-2002, Schiller led the 48,000 student Caddo Parish, Louisiana, school district to unprecedented levels of accomplishment and achievement. It is one of the only districts to be rated as excellent by the State Board and has the highest-performing elementary, middle and high schools in the state as well as eight Blue Ribbon schools. The district received the National State Board Association’s Magna Award for 2002 for its accountability and reporting system. Schiller’s school-level experience includes being principal of a 2,900 student high school and an English teacher.

Schiller holds four degrees, including a second Masters and Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. He is published widely with over 40 articles and has served on many national boards and advisory groups. Schiller and his wife, Lucille, former elementary teacher and administrator, have been married for 32 years and reside in Springfield.