Illinois State Board of Education


November 22,2002
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State Board of Education Approves Five-Year Technology Plan

The State Board of Education has approved a five-year education technology plan that commits to readying students to thrive in the “Digital Age” by building on past successes and strengthening the commitment to effective use of technology for all students.

The draft plan was submitted for public comment in August and modified at today’s meeting based on the comments received during the comment period. “Digital-Age Learning” builds upon the first state technology plan adopted in 1995. That plan outlined many of the strategies used to help Illinois from 49th in the nation to first in the nation in the use of digital technology in K – 12 education.

The purpose of the 2002 – 2007 Illinois State Technology Plan is to set a course for the convergence of technology literacy, higher-order thinking, 21st Century skills, and academic standards for Illinois students.

The plan outlines the progress of the state since the 1995 plan and specifies the goals and strategies to guide the state in building on that progress over the next five years. Strategies fall within four primary spending categories: hardware, software, infrastructure and personnel development. Using the strategies to reach every student and every teacher in the state over the next five years will take an investment of a little over one billion dollars, the report estimates. However, the annual business plan and available budget to carry out the 5-year plan will have to be sensitive to the economic conditions and priorities of the state.

“These policy drivers are intended as a framework that will guide decisions and actions during the next five years and allow for course corrections as they are needed,” the report states. “Implementation of the drivers will include a review of the State Board technology policy identification of additional standards and benchmarks, decision on funding practices, and development of a fully crafted plan for eliminating the digital divide and ensuring that all students benefit from technology.”