State Board Approves Vision, Mission, Goals Statement
For Immediate Release
October 18, 2001
For Information Call
Targeting higher student achievement, advocacy for funding reforms and increased support for school improvement, members of the Illinois State Board of Education have approved a new framework to guide state-level education efforts.

Board members voted to approve a new Vision-Mission-Goals statement, laying out the guideposts for how the Board and agency will provide leadership, advocacy and support for improving the quality of education throughout the state.

The document covers four key goal areas members of the State Board considered vital to the quality of education: student achievement; policies and services; funding; and collaboration.

The State Board will use the new vision, mission and goals statement in a variety of ways, including:

  • To demonstrate what the Illinois State Board of Education does.
  • To establish a basis for measuring improvement.
  • To provide a framework for business plans, internal measures, and public reports.
  • To organize development of budgets.
  • To shape goal-driven business plans across divisions and departments.
  • To frame criteria for evaluating the pros and cons of State Board action.

State Superintendent Glenn W. McGee said the board included a variety of yardsticks to track progress in reaching its goals. "We talk about the percentage of students meeting the state Standards and the level of funding," he said. "The board is holding itself accountable for producing solid results on behalf of the students in the state's schools."

MCGee also point out that the board's vision for Illinois education emphasizes a set of common expectations for all students. "All of our students - no matter where they go to school - should have the tools they need for higher education, vocational training or the workplace," he said.

"There may be one teacher in each classroom, but improving our schools is a cooperative effort that requires collaboration from many partners at many levels," said Ronald J. Gidwitz, the board's chairman. "At the core of the new vision, mission and goals statement is the message that students and teachers are counting on us to build successful partnerships for school improvement."

"Every student in every Illinois school deserves opportunities to get a good education," said Marilyn McConachie, vice-chair of the board. "School districts have the primary responsibility for operating the schools. To reach our goals, this board and this agency must provide a level of leadership, advocacy and support to school boards and the communities they serve."

McConachie also stressed the need for ensuring stability in the aims the State Board set for itself. "Unless there are compelling changes in the environment, these goals are intended to remain stable and useful for a minimum of three to five years, if not longer," she said.