January 23, 2001

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Expressing his pleasure that President George W. Bush today made his education plan the first legislative proposal of his new administration, State Superintendent of Education Glenn W. McGee said President Bush has presented concrete proposals that support state efforts and hold the promise for helping to ensure that America “leaves no child behind.”

“I am certainly very pleased the President demonstrated his high priority for education by making it the first legislative proposal of his new administration,” McGee said. “Many of his specific proposals emphasize the priorities of Governor George Ryan and the State Board of Education.”

While not yet having the opportunity to analyze all of the President’s proposals, McGee applauded the President’s emphasis on several areas that coincide with the state’s policy directions:

  • Closing the achievement gap for disadvantaged students
  • Support for early reading achievement “The President’s support for ensuring that all children read by the completion of third grade matches Governor Ryan’s pledge and the emphasis of Illinois Reads,” McGee said.
  • Greater accountability for improving achievement
  • Providing support for struggling schools. The state’s System of Support now provides assistance for the state’s lowest-performing schools.
  • Improving teacher quality, including support for the preparation, recruitment and training of teachers.
  • Support for technology and for mathematics and science education programs

“The President’s education message establishes a strong emphasis on helping all students succeed. It supports our efforts to make Illinois education Second to None, and we look forward to working with Congress and the Bush administration on this important agenda.”