Schoolhouse Meetings yield helpful

information to state education leaders



November 16, 2000                                      (217) 782-4648


Chicago – After conducting 28 Schoolhouse Meetings statewide this past summer and fall, State Superintendent of Education Glenn W. McGee certainly knows what issues are most important to local school districts.


That information has been compiled in a report, which was reviewed by the State Board of Education at its regular monthly meeting.


The comments from many of the nearly 2,700 parents, teachers, local school administrators, students and community leaders who attended the meetings has given McGee many ideas for how the state and local school districts can and should work together to serve the state’s 2 million students, he said.


“We learned many valuable things from the Schoolhouse Meetings,” McGee said, “and the guidance and counsel given to us will be considered in the months ahead as we continue to work together to make Illinois education Second to None.


The Schoolhouse Meetings grew out of a self- improvement plan McGee implemented last spring focused on the State Board’s internal workings and improving its relationship to local school districts.


The meetings gave everyone touched by public education a chance to talk directly, openly and honestly to McGee and to learn how the State Board works with and supports local schools.


But the bigger goal was to hear local folks’ concerns, and to try to address them.


Topics ranged from the universal (education funding, learning standards, testing, teacher pay, teacher shortages, special education) to the very local (enforcement of district residency rules in one school district, and agricultural education in central and southern Illinois.)