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February 2, 2000


“I am certainly very pleased with Governor Ryan’s emphasis on education in his State of the State/Budget address,” said State Superintendent of Education Glenn W. McGee.  

“Once again, the Governor has exceeded his campaign promise of providing 51% of new revenue for education and workforce training,” McGee said.  “This budget proposes that 56% of new revenues be directed to education and job training programs. 

“This budget level will provide strong support for the five priorities we are targeting:  Standards, Assessment and Accountability; High Quality Educators; Reading and Mathematics; Early Learning; and Schools in Academic Difficulty. 

“In addition, this is the first time that an Illinois governor’s budget proposal has matched the funding level requested by the State Board of Education.  

“I am grateful for that support, and I look forward to working with the Governor and General Assembly to achieve a final budget that supports the efforts of schools as they help students meet or exceed the rigorous Illinois Learning Standards.” 

Governor's State of the State and FY2001 Budget