State Board of Education endorses

call for additional $135 per student



December 14, 2000                                      (217) 782-4648


Chicago – The State Board of Education today endorsed a proposal to increase the general state aid foundation level by $135, to $4,560 per student, as recommended by the Education Funding Advisory Board (EFAB).


State Superintendent of Education Glenn W. McGee had recommended the State Board endorse the proposed increase and said his FY02 budget recommendations to the Board will reflect that figure.  McGee and the State Board delayed adoption of a budget at this meeting to allow time to incorporate EFAB’s recommendation.  A Board vote on a final budget is scheduled for January.


As part of the Education Reform Act of 1997, the General Assembly prescribed foundation levels to provide a minimum level of support to local school districts that increased $100 each of the following three years.  It also approved a continuing appropriation to support those levels for the same period.  Both these measures expire June 30, 2001



EFAB, appointed by Governor George Ryan earlier this year, is charged with studying the foundation level and making recommendations for FY 2002 and beyond.  The members suggested Wednesday that the current level must be higher to ensure students an adequate public education.


Preferably, the foundation level increase should be even more than $135, EFAB Chair Robert Leininger told the Statte Board Wednesday at its regular monthly meeting. However, given political realities, the $135 figure is about as high as EFAB believes will gain legislative support, he said.


EFAB will continue to evaluate and seek improvements in the state’s overall system for funding public education in consultation with the State Board of Education.