State Board of Education releases

Illinois Charter School Annual Report



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Springfield – System flexibility and parent satisfaction get high marks in the 1999-2000 Charter School Annual Report.


The State Board of Education will be discussing the report at its board meeting December 14 in Chicago. The report will be distributed to the General Assembly with recommendations for potential legislative changes in future years.


The charter school report includes information on student performance, reactions to new regulations and policies, and changes in legislation that would strengthen the state law for charter schools.


“Although charter schools are still relatively new in Illinois, they have valuable learning experiences to share with other schools,” said State Superintendent Glenn W. McGee. “Their goal is to stimulate creativity, and they have been extremely popular in Chicago.”


Currently, Illinois has 19 charter schools that serve approximately 6,500 pupils. Chicago has 13 of the charters, with three in Cook and the collar counties and three in the remainder of the state.


Charter schools are required to teach curriculum aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards, they must participate in state assessment tests at applicable grade levels, and are obliged to issue report cards similar to public schools. Conversely, charter schools are granted freedom from some of the state’s rules and mandates.