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No Child Left Behind
Consolidated State Application
June 12, 2002

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Individual Sections

Consolidated State Application -- Signature Page

Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act State Grants

ESEA Programs Included in the Consolidated Application - Checklist

Requested SEA Contacts for Select ESEA Programs

Executive Summary

Vision for Illinois Education
State Board of Education Goals
No Child Left Behind Aligns with Illinois' Standards-Led System and Identified Gaps
Overview of Illinois Education
Improving Achievement and Closing the Achievement Gaps
Bolstering the Educator Workforce

Consolidated State Application Contents
Part I: ESEA Goals and IndicatorsPart II: State Activities to Implement ESEA

  • Illinois' System of Standards, Assessment and Accountability

  • Illinois' Process for Awarding Subgrants

  • Illinois' System to Monitor and Provide Professional Development and Technical Assistance

  • Illinois' Statewide System of Support

  • Illinois' System of Technical Assistance for Title I Schoolwide Programs

  • Coordination with the Governor's Office in Development of the State Application

  • Illinois' Strategies to Determine that Subgrantees Meet Program Outcomes

Part III: ESEA Key Programmatic Requirements and Fiscal Information

Appendices with Application

  1. Illinois Learning Standards

  2. Regional Offices of Education brochure

  3. Location of Illinois Eligible Districts for the Rural and Low Income Schools Program

  4. Performance Standards/Definitions

  5. Governor's Summit Recommendations

  6. Improving Illinois' Educator Workforce

  7. Public School Bilingual Census

  8. Languages Used in Illinois

  9. State Superintendent's Task Force Recommendations on Limited English Proficiency Student Alternative Assessment Systems

  10. Requests for Proposals/Grant applications for

  11. Illinois System of Support for Districts with High Priority Schools

  12. High-Poverty High-Performance Schools

  13. Executive Order #1 (2002) by Governor George H. Ryan

  14. List of Committee of Practitioners

  15. Topical Team Members

  16. Background on Illinois' Monitoring System

  17. Monitoring Instrument

  18. Agenda from May 2002 regional meetings

  19. Be Real - Media Campaign: Guiding Principles and Research

  20. Illinois After-School Initiative Interim Report of May 2002

  21. Statement Regarding Application for Competitive Grants under Section 6112

  22. General Education Provision Requirements

  23. General Financial Information

  24. Assurances and Certifications

Appendices Available Online

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