Microsoft Select Plus - Ordering Instructions

Revised March 1, 2013

llinois State Board of Education

Microsoft License Ordering Procedure

Review your Microsoft Price List.

If the Microsoft part you want is not on the price list, please contact your preferred LAR. Select Plus Pricing can be found on the ISBE Web Site at

Decide the quantity of new Select Product Licenses needed.

Each Select License grants the school the right to install one copy of the software. You can purchase a license only or if you purchase a license bundled with Software Assurance between 3/1/13 and 2/28/14 you have the right to upgrade to any new version of the product Microsoft releases prior to 02/28/16. Licenses purchased with Software Assurance after 3/1/14 will gain an additional year of upgrade coverage through 2/28/17.

List the quantity, part number, and price on your order.

If you own a Microsoft Product and want to upgrade it, you have these choices:
  1. Buy brand new licenses for that product.
  2. Buy new licenses bundled with Software Assurance for that product.
  3. You can buy Software Assurance only for any product only if you have purchased an OEM or Retail version of an eligible Microsoft product within the last 90 days.
  4. Contact your preferred LAR, and they’ll help you with your upgrade purchases.
Do you need software media for this product?

If so, list the quantity of DVDs needed on your order.

Place your order on a School/District Purchase Order.

Be sure to include your email address on the purchase order.

Send your purchase order to your Select Plus Contract Vendor.