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Educator Licensure

Licensure Middle School Courses

Out of State Institutions

Clarke University – Iowa
Drake University – Iowa
Grand Canyon University – Arizona
Murray State University – Kentucky
Oakland City Universities – Indiana
St. Ambrose University – Iowa
Saint Mary's University – Minnesota
University of Dayton – Ohio
University of Iowa – Iowa
University of Phoenix – Arizona
Walden University – Online
Winona State University – Minnesota

Universities Courses
Clarke University – Iowa

EDUC 360 – Teaching in the Middle and Secondary School
EDUC 361 – The Adolescent Learner
EDUC 362 –  Adolescent Literacy
EDUC 363 – Clinical Experience at the Middle Level

Drake University – Iowa

EDUC 134/234 Teaching in the Middle School
EDUC 131/231 Early Adolescent Growth & Development

Grand Canyon University – Arizona

SED 53ELM 525: Middle Grade Curriculum and Instructional Planning or SED 534TE: Middle School Teaching Curriculum and Methods for Current Practitioners


SED 533TE: Early Adolescent Psychology in Middle School Teaching for Current Practitioners OR SED 534-TE: Middle School Teaching Curriculum and Methods for Current Practitioners

*SED 533TE can be used for either the adolescent psychology or the curriculum/instructional methods portion of the middle school professional coursework, but not both. Two courses must be taken to fulfill the 6-semester-hour coursework requirement.

Murray State University - Kentucky

PSY 262: Adolescent Psychology
MID 270: Teaching and Learning in the Middle Grades

Oakland City University – Indiana

EDUC 345/565 – Teaching Strategies for Adolescents/Young Adults
EDUC 213 – Developmental Psychology

St. Ambrose University – Iowa

EDUC 455 EDUC 555 – Middle School Psychology
UDUC 461 EDUC 561 – The Middle School

Saint Mary's University – Winona, Minnesota

ED 300 – School and Society
ED 305 – Learning, Development & Exceptionality
ED 330 – Reading, Language Arts, & Children’s Lit
ED 380 – Middle Level Education
ED 475 – Human Relations and Cultural Diversity

University of Dayton – Ohio

EDT 425 – Middle School Principles and Practices
EDT 222 – Development - MC and AYA

University of Iowa

7E/7S132 –   Middle School Curriculum and Methods
7P133 – The Adolescent and Young Adult
7P130 – Early Adolescent Development
7E164 – Methods: Elementary School Reading

7E/7S132 – Middle School Curriculum and Methods
7P133 – The Adolescent and Young Adult
7P130 – Early Adolescent Development
7S194 – Methods: High School Reading
7S195 – Teaching Reading in Secondary Content Areas

University of Phoenix

MAT 504 – Adolescent Psychology or EDD 563 Overview of Adolescent Psychology
MAT 538 – Middle School Foundations  or EDD 549 Curr. Devel. & Instruction: Middle School

and one of the following:

RDG 514 – Primary Reading Methods or RDG 536 Reading Methods: Primary
RDG 513 – Elementary Reading Methods or RDG 538 Reading Methods: Elementary
RDG 515 – Secondary Reading Methods or RDG 543 Reading Methods: Secondary
RDG 527 – Content Area Reading/Writing for Adol. or RDG 527 Content Area Reading/Writing for Adol.

Walden University

EDUC 6510 – Young Adol. Devel. & Implications in a Global Society
EDUC 6540 – Pedagogy & Exemplary Practices for Learning in the Middle Grades

Winona State University – Winona, Minnesota

EDUC 304 – Human Development and Learning: Middle Level & K-12
EDUC 311 – Instructional Planning and Assessment: Middle Level & K-12
EDUC 449 – Middle Level Philosophy, Organization, & Interdisciplinary Planning