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Other Special Education Personnel Approval Requests for Public and Nonpublic Schools

  1. Complete ISBE Form 73-42: Request for Approval of Other Special Education Personnel PDF form (11/13)

    • Form must be signed by the School District Superintendent, State-Approved Director Of Special Education and the Regional Superintendent

  2. Submit documentation as listed:
    • Verification that the candidate holds a certificate appropriate for the grade level to be served (provide a copy of the Illinois certificate(s) held).
    • Statement of the services to be provided (detailed description of the duties/responsibilities to be performed by the candidate – not a generic job description)
    • Description of the population to be served (include the number of individuals with disabilities to be served, the specific disabilities to be served and the age and grade levels to be served)
    • Description of supervision (include the name, social security number, and the position title, of the supervisor, and the frequency of supervision)
    • Description of the candidate’s training, education and/or prior work experiences relevant to the special population (include transcripts of all college level special education coursework and letters of prior teaching experience involving students with disabilities)
    • Description of LEA’s efforts to locate a fully qualified individual (include a copy of all postings for the position)

    • For guidance in submitting the required documentation, please reference 23 Illinois Administrative Code Part 226, Special Education, and the Final Transition Rules available online at http://www.isbe.net/rules/archive/coreyhpdfs/226finaltransitionrules.pdf.

  3. Submit ISBE Form 73-42, the applicable fee and the required documentation as outlined above through the Regional Office of Education (See listing of ROE's)

  4. The Illinois State Board of Education will review the materials submitted and issue a letter of approval or disapproval as is appropriate. Should the request be disapproved, a detailed listing of all deficiencies will be generated. Notices of special education approval/disapproval results are printed in triplicate (1 copy for the Co-op administrator, if applicable, employing entity, and Regional Superintendent).