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Educator Licensure

Advanced Degree

A professional development option for eligibility for moving from an Initial to a Standard-level teaching certificate or for meeting renewal requirements for those who hold Standard or Master teaching certificates is to complete an advanced, education-related degree (master's degree, a doctoral degree, a certificate of advanced study, or an educational specialist.)

An "education-related field" is defined as one related to the requirements for the early childhood, elementary, secondary, special or special preschool-age 21 certificate, the school service personnel certificate, the administrative certificate, or any endorsement available on any of these certificates pursuant to applicable rules of the State Board of Education or its policies related to certification in special education resulting from the federal lawsuit known as Corey H.

If you hold an Initial certificate, the degree can be earned while you hold the Initial teaching certificate or prior to receiving the certificate. If you are meeting renewal requirements for Standard or Master teaching certificates, the degree must be earned within the validity period of your certificate.

Evidence of Completion for Completing an Advanced Degree

Teachers must be able to produce an official transcript.