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Welcome to the ISBE Division of Educator Licensure Website! The following links provide information on the Illinois licensure process for both new and experienced educators, as well as resources for regional offices of education and higher education institutions. If you have questions or concerns regarding the licensure process in Illinois, please contact your Regional Office of Education.

 Announcements (8/30/16) new

  • Effective August 9, 2016, the 3 year teaching experience requirement used to waive the edTPA has been reduced to 1 year. If you meet this requirement, please email licensure@isbe.net or call 217.557.6763 to request your evaluation be updated.

  • This document provides a reference for Institutions of Higher Education, stakeholders, administrators and educators as Illinois transitions from the current middle school endorsement structure to new middle grades programs and endorsement requirements. The document will outline the charge behind the transition, frequently asked questions and example scenarios.
  • To be evaluated for multiple endorsements during your initial evaluation for no extra charge, email a request for the chosen endorsements to licensure@isbe.net.

    Your request must include the specific content area and grade range desired. Please review the available endorsements and corresponding requirements on pages 9-15 of the endorsement structure document before submitting your request.

  • With the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), some provisions are being phased in or phased out, with full implementation set for 2017-18. 

    One provision that is no longer required for the 2016-17 school year is the Highly Qualified requirements for teachers and paraprofessionals as outlined in section 1119 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

    Effective July 1, teachers and paraprofessionals must meet state and local licensure requirements found in the endorsement structure document.

    At this time, our office will no longer be verifying highly qualified statuses. Individuals who became highly qualified in an area before July 1, 2016 can still use his or her "highly qualified" status to fulfill PD requirements, as long as the HQ criteria was completed during his or her current 5-year renewal cycle.

 Improving Service to Educators (ISE) Outreach Program new

 Program Information (9/27/16)

 How-To Videos (8/29/16)