College and Career Readiness

Comprehensive System of Learning Supports

Equal attention to Learning Supports is essential so that:
  • Every student will demonstrate academic achievement and be prepared for success after high school;
  • Every student will be supported by highly prepared and effective teachers and school leaders; and
  • Every school will offer a safe and healthy learning environment for all students.

School Climate - Relationships

When students perceive that adults and friends in the school care about their learning and about them as individuals, there is a positive correlation with adolescent health and academic outcomes including school attendance. This important aspect of relationships is referred to as school connectedness. School connectedness is also a protective factor against a variety of issues including violence and drug use behaviors.

Adults in school buildings can improve school connectedness by:

  • establishing high and realistic expectations that are communicated regularly and consistently reinforced;
  • providing opportunities for meaningful participation where students and families are a part of the decision making process and have opportunities to participate in school activities;
  • dedicating time, interest, attention and emotional support to students through practices such as Classroom Meetings; and
  • encouraging personal relationships and allowing for personalized learning using a variety of strategies such as:
  • creating a structure in which teachers stay with the same students for 2-3 years;
  • developing smaller learning communities or reducing classroom size; and
  • facilitating cooperative learning activities that foster peer support.