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The State Board of Education offers numerous direct grant opportunities through state and federal funds received by the agency. In addition, there are opportunities for school districts to apply directly to federal agencies or private/corporate foundations for funding.


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Education Grants 101

Are you new to the grant application process? Learn how to begin, the meanings of special words and phrases you'll encounter, hints for preparing grant proposals, and reasons why some proposals aren't funded.

bullet RFPs and Competitive Bids

Check out the most recent Requests for Proposals and Competitive Bids for grant programs.

bullet Innovation & Improvement

Locate general information on state and federal (NCLB, IDEA and Perkins) grants available through the Illinois State Board of Education. Use the links provided to navigate to additional grant information on the ISBE web site.

bullet Grant Funds Available Through Direct Application

General information on federal financial opportunities, funding availability as noted in the USDE quarterly federal forecast, and links to specific applications for direct funding to eligible applicants. We suggest that you begin with the basic information on what is required before seeking to understand the specific applications.

bullet Information on Funding and Disbursement

Funding and Disbursement is responsible for processing all state and federal entitlement and competitive grants for payment. This includes loading entity grant budgets and payment schedules, receiving grant expenditure reports and processing vouchers to the State Comptroller for payment.

bullet Check Your Grant Status with FRIS Inquiry

See the current status of any grant you have with ISBE. Here you'll be able to check the budgets, expenditure reports filed, payments made, payments scheduled, and more.

bullet What Should I know about U.S. Department of Education Discretionary Grants?

Information for those interested in applying to the U.S. Department of Education for discretionary grants and cooperative agreements, have received an award, or are simply interested in knowing more about the Department’s discretionary grants process. Forecast of funding opportunities.

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