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How do I get started?

Grantmaking at ED offers a non-technical summary of USDE's discretionary grant process (applications, review process, award process, administration, grant closeout, and the audit process) and the laws and rules that govern the entire process.

Budget News—U.S. Department of Education
(  Here you'll find the latest news on funding of the U.S. Department of Education programs, including congressional action on appropriations.

( ) will be updated each November. This forecast lists virtually all programs and competitions under which it has invited or expects to invite applications for new awards and provides actual or estimated dates for the transmittal of applications under these programs.

And how about a grant opportunity? The Teaching American History Grant Program -- which requires e-Application -- supports projects to raise student achievement by improving teachers' appreciation and understanding of traditional American history. Grant awards assist school districts, in partnership with entities that have extensive content expertise (such as colleges and universities, libraries, and museums), to design, implement, and demonstrate "effective, research-based professional development programs." A notice of intent to apply is due January 6. The application is due February 3.

Information from the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services is also available.

Where do I apply?

Federal Funds

Discretionary Grant Application Packages lists grant competitions that are currently open and provides links to downloadable application packages, forms and other information you'll need to apply. 

Information on the Technology E-RATE is available through Welcome to the Schools and Libraries Web Site. The Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) provides affordable access to telecommunications services for all eligible schools and libraries in the United States. Funded at up to $2.25 billion annually, the Program provides discounts on telecommunications services, Internet access and internal connections.

USDE also has information available on their web site about free resources

How do I scan the big picture?

Grant information is available periodically through the Federal Register.   This website lists only education offerings and has the most recent documents available first. 

The Guide to ED Programs, available from USDE, provides a concise description of each of the 200+ programs that USDE administers, identifies who may apply, and gives the name and telephone number of the ED office to contact for more information.

Find grant opportunities and information on the USDE's Editor's Picks page.

White House Press Releases and Statements are also noted here.