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Funding Opportunities

Request for Proposals (RFP) and Request for Applications (RFA)

The chart below lists the title of each RFP and RFA currently available in the order of the proposal due date. To see the main body of the RFP or RFA, click on the title.

Grant Title Proposal /
Due Date
Eligible Applicants Contact
School Improvement
Grant 1003(g)
October 13, 2015 Local education agencies (LEAs) with one or more Priority schools (as described below) are eligible to apply.  An eligible LEA may apply for a SIG on behalf of one or more qualifying Priority schools.  In addition, LEAs may reapply for a SIG for former Cohort I or II SIG recipient schools (i.e., those Cohort I SIG recipients whose grant has expired or was not renewed on or before June 30, 2014) and which now appear on the Priority school eligibility list for this fiscal year 2016 competition round. The State Superintendent may prioritize SIG grants for buildings in districts under independent authority by action of the State Board of Education.

A Priority school is a Title I or Title I eligible school that:

* Is among the persistently lowest-performing 5 percent of Title I schools in the state based on a three-year average (i.e., from 2011 to 2013) performance of the “all students group” category for the percentage of students meeting/exceeding standards on state tests in reading and mathematics combined; and

* Demonstrates a lack of progress; or

* Is a Title I participating or eligible secondary school that has an average graduation rate of less than 60 percent over the last three years (i.e., from 2011 to 2013).
A. Rae Clementz at or (217) 524-4832
Electronic Learning (E-Learning) Days Pilot Program RFA October 15, 2015 Eligible applicants include school districts. Steve Parrott at or (217) 524-4832
Arts & Foreign Language Implementation Grant November 3, 2015
4:30 PM CST

Letter of Intent due October 13, 2015
Eligible Applicants include: School districts, public university laboratory schools approved by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), charter schools and area vocational centers. Linda King at or (217) 524-4832
Advanced Placement Classes – College and Career Success for All Students Program November 20, 2015
4:00 PM CST
See the RFP for complete details and the list of eligible entities. Annie Brooks at or (217) 524-4832