Funding and Disbursements

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Federal Funding

The Division of Funding and Disbursement Services is responsible for many funding aspects of NCLB.  Division staff calculate the annual projected and final Title I allocation for each local education agency (LEA), provide a fiscal review of all Title I and IIA original applications and amendments, review and approve excess carryover waivers, collect expenditure reports and process payments.

NCLB Title I Basic is the largest federal grant program administered by the Illinois State Board of Education.  The funds are allocated to LEAs through a statutory formula based primarily on the number of children, ages 5 through 17, from low-income families, which the Census Bureau updates annually.  Title I allocations consist of four funding streams: Basic Grants, Concentration Grants, Targeted Grants and Education Finance Incentive Grants (EFIG). 

To be eligible for Basic Grant Title I allocations, an LEA must have a poverty count of at least 10 students and a low-income rate of greater than 2%.  Eligibility for Targeted and EFIG Grants is based on a poverty count of at least 10 students and a low-income rate of at least 5%.  Concentration Grants are for those districts with greater than 6,500 in poverty count or greater than 15% low-income.  Poverty counts and low-income rates are generated by the Census Bureau and do not equate to free and reduced-lunch eligibility.

NCLB and Title I Allocations