Funding and Disbursements

Illinois Pupil Transportation Advisory Committee (IPTAC)

The purpose of the IPTAC is to actively participate and advise the Illinois State Board of Education, through the State Superintendent, on policy matters related to safe student transportation issues. This committee affords opportunities for the exchange of professional information, advocates public policy issues, and promotes the beneficial aspects in the industry.

The IPTAC is comprised of representatives from state agencies, area regional offices of education, industry associations / organizations, school bus contractors and other external constituent representatives of the Transportation industry. When necessary, committee representatives assist with the dissemination of various reports, via newsletters and media materials, designed to inform key constituencies about IPTAC activities and positions.

Some of the basic categories of involvement include, but are not limited to human resources, equipment, procedures, and agency integration. These categories offer the following:

Human Resources — Standards, induction, training and retention of personnel.

Equipment — Concerns related to the manufacture and maintenance of equipment and vehicles for safe student transportation.

Procedures — Best practices for operation of equipment, including vehicles, student supervision and daily operations.

Agency Integration — Strengthens cooperation and cohesion among state agencies with statutory interest in and responsibility for safe transportation of students.


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