New Census Estimates Released for FY13 Title I Low Income

The U.S. Department of Education has released the Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE) for income year 2010.  These estimates will be used to calculate FY13 Title I Allocations. A file of 2010 Poverty Data, by Local Education Agency (LEA) is provided in an alphabetical listing of LEAs, Poverty Count, 5-17 Population, Poverty Percentage and Total Population online at

With this data, LEAs can determine their potential eligibility for Basic, Concentration, Targeted and Education Finance Incentive Grants (EFIG). 

Basic Grant eligibility: an LEA must have at least 10 poverty children and the number of poverty children must be greater than 2 percent of the LEA population of children ages 5-17. 

Concentration Grant eligibility: an LEA must have at least 6,500 poverty children or the number of those children exceeds 15% of the total 5-17 population. 

Targeted and EFIG grant qualifications: an LEA must have at least 10 poverty children and that number must be at least 5 percent of the 5-17 population.

The following link to the Census Bureau,, provides various aspects of the SAIPE count.  We will be using the 2010 data to calculate SY 2012-13 Title I, Part A allocations because they are the most recent available data.

Superintendents, business managers, and Title I directors should carefully examine the data for their LEA as this will be the first indication as to whether your LEA may be gaining or losing in eligibility for Title I funds in FY13. ISBE neither controls nor generates the data.

Note that this preliminary data does not include other non-census information, such as foster, neglected, or delinquent counts that may be used to calculate Title I allocations.

If you have questions on the information provided in this message, please contact Sally Cray in the Division of Funding and Disbursement Services at 217-782-5256