Funding and Disbursements

School Safety and Educational Improvement Block Grant

The School Safety and Educational Improvement Block Grant program is authorized under Section 2-3.51.5 [105 ILCS 5/2-3.51.5] of the Illinois School Code. Funds are to be used to improve the level of education and safety of students from kindergarten through grade 12 in school districts and State-recognized, non-public schools. Funds are not intended to be used to supplement teacher salaries or salary increases.

School districts must utilize funding for school safety, textbooks and software, teacher training and curriculum development, school improvements, remediation programs under subsection (a) of Section 2-3.64, school report cards under Section 10-17a, and criminal history records checks under Sections 10-21.9 and 34-18.5. Expenditures should be linked to the School Improvement Plan.

State-recognized, non-public schools must utilize funding for secular textbooks and software, criminal history records checks, and health and safety mandates to the extent that the funds are expended for purely secular purposes. Costs for Automated External Defibrillators (AEDS) have been determined as an approvable health and safety expenditure.

Funds for the School Safety and Educational Improvement Block Grant Program are distributed to school districts, laboratory schools and State-recognized non-public school based on the prior year's best three months average daily attendance. This information is gathered from the General State Aid claim for school districts and the Nonpublic School Attendance System for recognized nonpublic schools. Payments are distributed in two semi-annual installments, one payment on or before October 30, and one payment prior to April 30, of each fiscal year.

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