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This program has been discontinued. The information on this page is for archive purposes only.

No Child Left Behind Title II Part D


Title IID funds are to be used to carry out programs consistent with the purposes of the goal and activities with the district local technology plan and must match the federal goals. The primary goals of the Title IID formula grant is:

  • Improve student academic achievement through the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools;
  • Assist every student in crossing the digital divide by ensuring that every student is technologically literate by the time the student finishes the eighth grade, regardless of the student's race, ethnicity, gender, family income, geographic location, or disability; and
  • Encourage the effective integration of technology resources and systems with teacher training and curriculum development to establish research-based instructional methods that can be widely implemented as best practices by state and local educational agencies as well as scientifically-based research.

Each Ed Tech recipient must use at least 25% of its funds to provide ongoing, sustained, and intensive, high quality professional development. The recipient must provide professional development in the integration of advanced technologies, including emerging technologies, into curricula and instruction and in using those technologies to create a new learning environment.

 Private School Participation Information PDF File

The Title IX Uniform Provisions includes the requirement governing equitable participation of private school students, teachers, and other educational personnel participating in the Title IID Enhancing Education through Technology Formula and Competitive Grants.

If you have any questions about the Title IID formula grant, please contact Jamey Baiter at for assistance.

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