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Without specific endorsement, the Illinois State Board of Education provides a link at the bottom of this page to a variety of Internet Safety curriculum resources and materials. As specified under Illinois School Code Section 5, “beginning with the 2009-2010 school year, a school district must incorporate into the school curriculum a component on Internet safety to be taught at least once each school year to students in grade 3 or above.”

<empty> Internet Safety Act

The full text of the Internet Safety Act can be viewed online.

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<empty> Illinois Youth Digital Safety Contest Archive

The theme for the 11-12 contest was Bystander Intervention. The goal? Encourage students that witness bullying to take action against it!

2011-12 Contest Winners Announced!

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<empty> Internet Safety Best Practices

Many districts in the state are offering Internet Safety curriculum and activities for their students. Illinois State Board of Education encourages school districts to send us your best practices in Internet Safety.

Some of the best practices will be posted on our website for other school districts to view. Please send your information in Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat format to James Walsh at

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<empty> Internet Safety Resources

Illinois, National, and Cyberbullying resources available for School Districts to help in locating Internet safety information. Illinois State Board of Education in no way endorses the content of these sites.

 Illinois Resources

 National Resources

 Cyberbullying Links

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