Early Childhood Education

Judy Harris Helm, Ed.D.

Judy Harris Helm, Ed.D.

Judy Harris Helm, Ed.D. began her career teaching first grade then taught 4 year olds, directed, and designed early childhood programs and trained teachers. She served on the Task Force for the design of the Valeska Hinton Early Childhood Education Center eventually becoming Professional Development Coordinator for the school. She assists early childhood and elementary schools in integrating research and new methods through her consulting and training company, Best Practices, Inc. She is past state President of the Illinois Association for the Education of Young Children.

Her books with a  number of coauthors  cover a variety of topics including documentation and assessment (Windows on Learning: Documenting Children’s Work) project work and engaged learning (Young Investigators: The Project Approach in the Early Years with Lilian Katz; The Power of Projects: Meeting Contemporary Challenges in Early Childhood Classrooms, Teaching Your Child To Love Learning: A Guide to Projects at Home, and Teaching Parents to Do Projects at Home: A Tool Kit for Parent Educators) and communication and public relations  (Building Support for Your School: Using Children’s Work to Show Learning). Dr. Helm served as the primary design consultant for The Power of Documentation: Children's Learning Revealed Exhibit at Chicago Children's Museum which was funded by the McCormick Tribune Foundation. Her work has been translated into five languages and she provides consultation and training throughout the country and internationally.

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Judy may be reached at:

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