e-Report Card Central

e-Report Card Secure Application for School Data Collection

The data for school report cards is collected online.

The E-Report Card Secure Application system is used to collect information such as student attendance, chronic truancy and class size among other statistics. The form is automatically customized for each individual school.

It replaces the paper form that was used in previous years – ISBE Report Card Form (86-43) and Verification Summary Report.

The e-Report Card application also includes an online verification process for the school district and provides Early Access for School Districts to view and download School and District Report Cards before they are made available to the general public.

Access the e-Report Card Application through IWAS Secured Site

Call (217) 782-0354 for assistance.

ISBE released a new interactive School Report Card on October 31, 2013 at http://illinoisreportcard.com. The redesigned Report Card more accurately reflects a school’s academic performance, climate, and learning conditions through information that is accessible to parents, educators and policymakers. It now includes information about a school’s extracurricular activities, special programs, advanced coursework, honors and awards.