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Harold G. Fearn Elementary School
Aurora, IL

Fearn Elementary

Situated on the edge of Chicago's burgeoning western suburbs, Harold G. Fearn Elementary School is being developed by West Aurora School District to serve a new residential neighborhood. The new school, designed by Perkins & Will for 600 students, represents the second phase of a new campus that includes the newly completed Gary Jewel Middle School. The two schools and the North Aurora Parks Department share a campus of over 30 acres. With a construction budget of $7.1 million, the facility comprises 58,000 gross square feet of teaching and support space.

Flexible classroom clusters specifically designed for Fearn support a variety of curriculums and teaching methods such as looping, multi-grade classrooms, and traditional self-contained classrooms. A mobile resource center enhances teachers' ability to meet students' needs by delivering resources attuned to a specific curriculum, age-level, or project to the classroom. In addition, a unique partnership with Aurora University provides an on-site professional development center that serves as a readily accessible teaching laboratory, which promotes continual interaction between educational researchers, university students, and school staff.