School Business Services

School Construction


Eligibility is based on enrollment and needs of the district. To qualify for School Construction Program entitlement, school districts must meet minimum enrollment requirements and have available their local share of funds.

Minimum enrollments are 200 for elementary, 200 for high school, and 400 for unit districts. The state share of grants ranges from 35 to 75 percent eligible construction costs, determined by an index adjusted annually to reflect changes in the district's overall wealth. Districts with local property wealth at or above the 99th percentile are ineligible.

Before any funds are awarded, districts have to raise their local share, or matching funds. A referendum is not required to participate in the program. However, a referendum is required to obtain voter approval to construct a new building or to issue building bonds.

NOTE: Districts must submit an application and receive grant entitlement from ISBE before holding a referendum.