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Health/Life Safety (HL S)

Web-Based H/L S Processing System

The Illinois State Board of Education has developed a new web-based Health/Life Safety (H/L S) Processing System. Via ISBE’s web portal known as IWAS, the new H/L S Processing System allows users external to ISBE to create and submit ten year survey and amendment data, annual inspection reports, and annual ROE reports for school district buildings maintained in a facility inventory listing.

Health/Life Safety Processing System Instruction Manual PDF format

There are several key benefits that the H/L S Processing System offers:

  • Freedom of access with the 24/7 ability to create documents, approvals and updates by the Architect, School District, Regional Superintendent and ISBE can occur 24/7.
  • Improved communication due to comment fields, and 24/7 online inquiry of information.
  • Improved coordination between Architects, School Districts, Regional Superintendents and ISBE because documents are easily searched and found, and questions are easily answered by 24/7 inquiry.
  • Enhanced monitoring of document status via detailed electronic tracking of ten year survey and amendment data, annual inspection reports, annual Regional Superintendent reports documents.
  • Time savings provided by various features, including but not limited to:
  • rapid inquiry of information through one stop centralized resource home page, ‘find a document’ tab, various tabs and links
  • easy data entry with pre-populated building and school district fields
  • rapid creation of documents due to copying functions, drop down lists and automatically calculated fields
  • automated creation of the Certificate Need, the Application for Approval
  • cumulative running totals of approved funding and amendment numbers
  • immediate real time approvals and updates to documents
  • Google map of location of each school building in the facility inventory


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