Text Complexity Workshop

Intended Audience:

Teachers, Administrators, District and School Leaders


This workshop was held as part of a summer workshop series facilitated by ISBE during the summer of 2012. It consists of a PowerPoint presentation as well as handout materials that were retrieved from the Common Core Appendices A and B. The workshop is designed to provide participants with not only an overview of Text Complexity as it is described by the Common Core, but to provide participants with the opportunity for a more in depth application of the measures for text complexity. Teachers will be able to use the information presented in this workshop to begin to align their curriculum with the grade-level text complexity bands.

Suggested Use for this Document:

  1. Professional Development Coordinators to use these materials to inform and familiarize personnel with Text Complexity as it applies to the Common Core.
  2. Teachers may use this information to begin aligning curriculum and instruction with the text complexity grade-level bands.

Materials Necessary:

  1. Powerpoint Presentation (linked below)
  2. Slide Notes and Facilitator Guide (may be used as a guide for the presenter)
  3. Handout A: Pages 2-4 from Appendix A, collated and stapled
  4. Handout B: Pages 4-8 from Appendix A, collated and stapled
  5. Handout C: Excerpt from "Narrative in the Life of Frederick Douglass," retreived from CCSS Appendix B

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